Renewable Energy Group Get Funding For Wind Power Study

A local group, which advocates the use of renewable energy, has received money to study the feasibility of wind power in Scilly.

The Isles of Scilly Renewable Energy Cooperative (ISREC) will use the £19,900 from the Energy Saving Trust to assess the Islands’ suitability for small-scale wind power and a key part of the project will be to understand the community’s attitudes towards renewable energy and wind turbines.

Jonathan Smith of ISREC said the Isles of Scilly has one of the highest potentials for wind power in the UK, yet this resource is currently not utilised at all.

He said that, as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, any wind turbine development would have to go through rigorous planning procedures and the scale and siting of any turbine, along with the level of community support, would be critical in making progress.

Jonathan says wind power is, “perhaps the most socially challenging of all renewable energy options, but we can’t ignore its potential to provide us with significant quantities of renewable energy.”

He added, “We are looking forward to the findings of this study, to see whether wind really is a viable option for Scilly.

ISREC will be helped by the renewable energy company, Sykamore Small Wind, who will be visiting the Islands this month to undertake surveys.

The cooperative have stressed that there is no implication that this project will result in the installation of a wind turbine of any size on Scilly and the project is simply a feasibility study.

Its findings will be published by ISREC at the end of March.


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