Success May Be ‘Over-Egged’

The Town Hall

Council officers might choose the words they use in reports more carefully in the future.

Vice Chairman of Council, Marian Bennett, questioned Community Services Director Penny Penn Howard over how she defined “success’ when she used it to describe a recent health fair during her report to the Community Services meeting.

Marian wanted to know whether it had been gauged from attendance figures or the numbers of stallholders.

Penny said the word was used following feedback from attendees who “got a lot out of it.”

But Penny admitted that there weren’t enough people at the event and blamed the rescheduling of the sports hall opening date. She said not everyone could change arrangements at such short notice.

Penny then added that “success is an over-egged word.”

Councillor Bennett said that was exactly the point she had been trying to get over.


One Response to Success May Be ‘Over-Egged’

  1. Martin February 11, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Did I read somewhere on here that vice chairman of council, Marian Bennett was going to look into inter-island transport as it needed to be addressed by a local member? any update on that? specials are getting a bit steep for me.