Bryher Water Tanks To Be Replaced

The water storage tanks at Watch Hill and Timmy’s Hill on Bryher are being replaced with new units that should be less visible.

The tanks haven’t been replaced since their original installation and are at the end of their working life.

At each site, the two storage tanks will be replaced with a single one.

The Watch Hill tanks are shielded from view by gorse bushes but can be seen on boats from St Mary’s or from Timmy’s Hill.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, suggested more landscaping but Councillor Chris Hopkins said the area was a “bit of a mess” and he preferred “unplanting.”

Craig then changed his mind and suggested better managing the foliage that was already there would be more appropriate.

The Timmy Hill facility can only be seen from Watch Hill.

Although both replacement tanks would sit higher than the existing ones, they’ll be smaller and will be painted a dark colour, similar to the new tanks on St Agnes.

Marian Bennett said she favoured dark green or a neutral dark grey and it’s hoped that will blend into the background better than the current light grey tank.

There were no objections from the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or English Heritage.