Affordable Homes Plan At Porthcressa Abandoned


Councillors have agreed to drop plans for affordable homes as part of the Porthcressa regeneration for now.

The three business units that will be built on the current library site won’t have accommodation on the first floor as originally planned.

Members have heard that the Council has approached housing associations, but funding hasn’t been offered and Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden says talks are continuing with the Homes and Communities Agency.

Christine Savill thought the loss of housing was “regrettable“ but was assured that the foundations would be able to bear the flats, if added later.

Councillor John Goddard asked why they couldn’t just build flats instead but was told that accommodation is ineligible for EU Convergence funding.

Brian Lowen questioned whether there was interest in the business units, with another ten proposed for the former wholesalers site at Porthmellon.

Craig said he couldn’t name names, but interested parties had come forward.

The units could not be used as shops, though.

The new structure will be single storey but there won’t be a flat roof because the Council design guide recommends against this.

The roof will have a shallow pitch with raised seams similar to the Five Islands School design.

There were objections to the initially-planned two-storey units because nearby residents felt there would be overshadowing, particularly in the winter.

The scale and height of the town-side of the building could impose on 6 Buzza Street and planners hope that this issue has now been resolved

The resin fibre fasicas around the units will be made of a similar material to that used at the  Lizard Lifeboat station and photographs supplied by the architect prompted Chris Savill to request that a sensitive colour was chosen.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said the building would be in keeping with the existing buildings, like the launderette, in colour and design.

Members approved the altered plans.