Seaways Farm Accommodation Approval ‘Not Easy’

Seaways Farm

A decision to allow the demolition of a prefabricated timber chalet in order to build a 3-bedroomed accommodation block at Seaways Farm, “was not an easy one,” according to Planning Chair, Amanda Martin.

The applicants, Andrew and Juliet May, have been allowed an extension on the time limit on previously-granted permission so The Summerhouse, which was built in 1964, can be rebuilt.

The new 2-storey building will replace the single storey chalet and, using a glazed walkway, will incorporate the adjoining stone-built store.

The store was subject to a roof fire in 2009, after the original planning consent was granted in 2008.

However, Councillors were concerned about the restrictions placed on accommodation use.

Craig Dryden believed he had strengthened the conditions to prevent the building becoming an open-market property that could be sold separately.

He added clauses limiting its use to accommodation for Seaways or Juliet’s Garden staff or for a relative of the occupant of the adjacent farmhouse.

There would be separate live-in facilities for a carer.

If used as a holiday-let, occupancy will be limited to a 28-day rental period per visitor.

But Marian Bennett felt that the conditions were not clear. She couldn’t see how an annex for the owners’ family or a relative’s carer would be different.

Craig said the restrictions mean the unit couldn’t be ‘disconnected’ from the main house.

John Goddard was concerned that the occupancy restriction could apply to other accommodation units on the islands, but Councillor Christine Savill told the meeting that she was encouraged that the holiday accommodation would have disabled access and room for a carer.

She said it was, “a good move for the tourism industry.”

The application was approved.