Council To Target Underage Drinking

The Town Hall

The Council team that works with parents, families and children wants to tackle underage drinking in 2012

Manager Joel Williams says they’ll be working together with health professionals, the Five Islands School and the police and Joel is keen to raise awareness of the issues with parents or carers.

Councillors have heard that Islanders are pleased with the service they receive from the Council’s Childrens’ Services department.

The Carn Thomas-based team arrange social and sporting events for islands’ youngsters but also provide help and guidance for parents and carers.

They also source and provide impartial information, advice and guidance to students before, during and after they leave school here in Scilly at 16 years of age.

The Children’s Trust council meeting heard that there were 40 responses to a community consultation exercise in the summer.

95% of respondents indicated they were very happy with services or activities they’d accessed and 88% were very happy with the information, advice and guidance they’d received.

73% agreed that Children’s Services supported them with raising their family.

Now, the department also wants to offer more for dads in 2012.

Joel Williams told us, “We know that some of the sporting activities we’re involved in act as a good opportunity for engaging with fathers, an example being the number of dads who take their children to Normandy Pool.”

With the new sports hall and MUGA there are bound to be even more opportunities that will develop in the future. We are however aware that not all families will want to take part in sport so we’ll continue to look at attracting fathers to other sessions.”