St John’s Ambulance To Start Youth Groups In Scilly

St John’s Ambulance in Cornwall wants to start training sessions for under 18’s on the islands.

One of their mainland youth coordinators, David Christophers says he wants to start sessions sometime in the next 6-8 months.

His idea is to offer group sessions at two different ages, the Badgers would cater for 6 to10 year olds who would learn basic first aid and gain skills in camping, cooking and nutrition.

A second group for 10 to 18 year olds, the Cadets, would undergo more advanced training.

Beryl Read, our islands-based coordinator, says sessions offered straight after school could provide the best solution.

David says ST John’s haven’t been involved in Scilly as much as they would like and they want to increase their activity beyond coming over to assist Islands’ volunteers during gig weekend.

They’ll need to find a youth leader to coordinate activity and liaise with the school.

David says he is aware that there aren’t that many potential youngsters to join a club here but some Cornish groups exist with just two or three cadets.