Plans For Lantern Procession Go Ahead

Some of the lanterns that Reg has helped create

Scilly’s streets look set to be lit up after the Council’s Youth Hub team announced plans to host a lantern procession in February.

The Council has hired Reg Payn, who is involved in mainland festival of lights in Truro and St Austell, to help with the event.

He’ll be over to talk to school staff next week as he plans the 5-day event from February 20th.

During that time, Reg will be working with 6 artists who will help youngsters make lanterns at workshops on St Agnes and St Mary’s.

Reg says the lanterns can be huge in size – up to 15 feet long by 12 feet high. Normally these would take a couple of weeks to build so he says trying to fit everything into 3 days will be a real challenge.

The finished works will be paraded around Hugh Town on the Friday evening before coming back to Carn Thomas for story telling and singing.