St Mary’s Landlord Wants Help To Support Gambian School

Keith Campion

A St Mary’s Landlord wants to start a fundraising appeal for school children in The Gambia.

Keith Campion of the Old Town Inn has just returned from a holiday there.

He visited a number of schools with his partner Sue and distributed pens and exercise books.

Keith was impressed by the dedication of teachers, many of whom work double shifts to educate the kids.

He said the lessons looked remarkably similar to those in the UK although the children had basic computers and couldn’t afford to connect to the internet.

He says you can support a pupil for just £40 a month and he feels there’s a chance for islanders to forge a relationship with one school in the African nation, perhaps through our school, in the way that Rita Trottman linked islanders with Romania during her orphanage appeal in the 1990s.

Keith wants to hear from any resident who would like to help.