School Starts New Olympic Challenge

The cloister at the Five Islands School

A sporting challenge which organisers hope will become an annual tradition has launched at the Five Islands School.

Teacher Mike Rigby felt that the cloister design of the new building lent itself to the running challenge made famous in the film Chariots of Fire.

Staff and pupils have replicated the challenge.

Before the event, pupils heard the film soundtrack music and learned about the success of the real-life Harold Abrahams, featured in the film, who went on to success in the 1924 Olympics.

Only the boys took part in this years run but Mike hopes the girls will follow their lead next year.

Julian Morel was the fastest staff member, finishing the 109m course in just over 17 seconds.

The student Rory Guy was a fraction of a second faster.

Mike says it’s not just speed that’s important, but an ability to take sharp corners.

He says tradition is important at the school and this will complement the school marathon and sports day.

Mike also feels it’s appropriate to start an Olympic-related event as we head into Olympic year.

Owen Groombridge has made a plaque with the winners’ names and that will be presented each year after the challenge.