Local Business Offering Bike Maintenance Course

Mark Prebble

A course in bicycle maintenance is being offered to islanders.

And Mark Prebble, who took over the bike hire service on the Strand in the summer, is hoping it will not only help with practical repairs but also foster our sense of community and encourage sustainability.

Mark will be offering the sessions through Lifelong Learning in partnership with Transition Scilly and says basic skills will be taught, both theory and practical, focussing on brakes and gears.

Mark hopes the sessions will encourage people to be greener, reducing their carbon footprint and following the Transition Scilly values. But he also says it should be fun as well.

Mark offers bike maintenance as a service but he doesn’t feel that training people to do their own will affect his trade. He says people will still come to him for spares and says “a happy cyclist is good advert for cycling.”

And he feels there should be demand based on what he’s observed over the past few months, including lots of rust and dodgy brakes!

The first of the lessons is on 28th January and there could be another a week later.