Still No Clear Plans For Removal Of Moorwell Alp

Council waste site, dubbed the 'Moorwell Alp'

Three months after Councillors discussed a timeline for the removal of the growing mound of rubbish known locally as the ‘Moorwell Alp’ there appears to have been little progress.

At the October meeting of the Council’s General Purposes Committee, Councillor Marian Bennett asked for a clear plan to be put in place to manage the backlog of waste and reduce it to ground level.

Marian has made it her personal mission to improve waste management at the site and instigated a series of regular visits to monitor progress.

She has praised the staff that work there for their ingenuity in the face of limited resources, particularly during the summer when a broken fan shut the incinerator for a considerable period of time.

However, she told us yesterday that there are still no dates set for clearing the waste and she’s worried the equipment may not be able to cope.

The incinerator at the Moorwell refuse site has been closed for scheduled maintenance in December and is unlikely to be up and running again until late January.

Council Chairman Mike Hicks confirmed another site visit was being planned and agreed that there seems to be very little progress in tackling the issue.

He said he intends to talk to Head of Technical Services, Neville Gardner, about the problems.

One outstanding issue is that the weighbridge, which was installed several years ago and is designed to monitor commercial waste entering the site, has never functioned properly.

When we asked the appropriate Council officer for a date when the weighbridge will be operation, he ignored the question, instead saying, “The use of the weighbridge as a feature of waste strategy is one of the issues contained within the brief of the Council’s consultants.”

It’s clear Marian is losing patience with the slow progress at the site and is pushing to have the backlog cleared within two years.

However, until the Council Officers in charge of the site acknowledge the problem and put clear plans in place, it’s likely that residents and visitors will have to live with the unsightly mound of rubbish for some time longer.


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