Phones Stolen On Bryher Are Recovered

PC Mat Collier with the two of the phones

Your phone may work on the O2 network but probably won’t be that good if it’s been in the H2O for six months. And five islands’ visitors are about to find that out.

Seasonal workers on Bryher have found the phone handsets stolen during a one-day crime wave that shocked Bryher on August 13th last year.

They were found crammed into a charity collection tin at Green Bay, near The Brow.

The phones were stolen from a charging point in an islanders’ porch, a facility that had been offered to visitors for years, and the collection box at the All Saints church was also broken open and emptied.

In October, a team of divers on board the Tiburon, carrying out survey work in the Tresco Channel, found a Slazenger bag filled with bottles of whisky and vodka, a collection box and coins.

PC Mat Collier says he tried turning on the phones to see if they work, but they’re corroded and full of sand.

He says the owners aren’t desperate to get them back but he is going to send back the memory cards in the phones, which still work and have holiday photos and contacts on them.

Although the majority of the stolen goods have now been recovered, Mat thinks the thieves still got away with a substantial amount of cash that is unlikely to be traced.