Five Islands School Budget Frozen

The Five Islands School

The budget at the Five Islands School has been frozen and because the cost of employing people and buying goods is rising, the headteacher says some services will have to be axed.

Bryce says school staff costs have gone up due to incremental pay rises, and increases in business rates, water rates, food prices and transport costs.

With no adjustment for inflation, currently running at around 4%, Bryce Wilby says the same £2.5m budget as last year is effectively a cut.

Bryce says activities for pupils, like trips to the mainland, are the most likely areas to be cut, but core lessons won’t be affected.

Bryce says he’s determined to maintain the high standards expected at the school.

The budget amount is set by central Government and it is not locally determined.

The Council topped up the school income by £40,000 last year, which Bryce says was appreciated, and he hopes they will do this again.


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