Police Report Quiet New Year’s Eve In Hugh Town

St Mary’s police say New Year’s Eve was much quieter than previous years but islanders who went out made the most of it.

Two of the three officers were still on patrol until 6.00am when the Mermaid decided to call it a night. They were the last venue open with around 50 people there at 3.00am when other premises closed.

Sergeant Colin Taylor said there were significantly fewer people out in Hugh Town than when he was stationed here 10 years ago.

And PC Mat Collier says numbers were down on last year with noticeably fewer visitors.

He added that the atmosphere was ‘awesome’ and well behaved but the majority of revellers came out late with some pubs quiet as late at 10.00pm.

Officers ended up operating what Colin called a ‘cop cabs’ service, taking worse-for-wear islanders home. They decided it was better to offer a lift to one local who was attempting to walk across St Mary’s at 5am.

The police joined in with the fancy dress tradition and did the rounds wearing garish wigs.