New School RE Syllabus To Include Non-Religious Beliefs

The Five Islands School

The new Five Islands School RE syllabus will take into account the views of islanders who have no religion

Headteacher Bryce Wilby has offered an assurance that all forms of belief, including strong commitments like veganism, are treated fairly.

He’s spoken after islander Linda Wornes raised questions about the inclusion of a humanist perspective to the pupils.

Humanists seek to make sense of life using reason and scientific evidence.

Bryce says the lessons will concentrate on Christianity but also cover a range of opinions and positions, including another major religion, so pupils can make up their own minds.

Bryce says RE is not just about teaching the facts of religion but understanding the underlying values and ethics.

He says it helps pupils develop skills to see other people’s points of view as well as learn about how society functions.