Community Safety Partnership Launches Online Survey

The Community Safety Partnership wants to know how you feel about crime in the islands and have launched an online questionnaire.

The group, which includes representation from the police and the Council, has a pot of Government cash to spend on priorities, which islanders believe are important.

The online survey asks how safe islanders feels and whether they have been a victim of crime in the last year.

Similar exercises in recent years have established the social issues that concern locals.

Speeding motorists have been mentioned frequently. There are proposals to reduce the Old Town and Hugh Town speed limits to 20mph to tackle this.

Another hot topic is dog fouling but the Council hasn’t been able to introduce ticketing for offending owners, despite plans announced 2 years ago to train inspectors in partnership with the Duchy and Wildlife Trust.

The questionnaire asks for views on drug use, fly tipping, abandoned vehicles and drunken or rowdy behaviour.

It also asks locals’ opinions on whether the Council and police are dealing with anti social behaviour.

You can see the complete the survey on the Council website.