Community And Business Leaders Express Hopes For 2012

Scilly’s business and community leaders say securing transport and infrastructure projects will be their main goals in 2012.

Mike Hicks, Chairman of the Council of the Isles of Scilly

Chairman of the Council, Mike Hicks, is hopeful that both the St Mary’s and Penzance quay projects will be successful.

He also said finding funding for accommodation units for elderly islanders on the Carn Thomas site is high on his list of New Year priorities.

And Mike thinks the Porthcressa project will be a big boost to a “tired looking area” and he’s focused on achieving a successful conclusion to that project with the minimal amount of disruption to residents and visitors.

Mike is concerned that many decisions, particularly with regard to funding, are outside the Council’s control and he thinks that more budget cuts may be on the way from Whitehall.

Scilly's MP, Andrew George

Islands’ MP, Andrew George, says transport will be high on his agenda in the coming year and he’ll do what he can to help maintain a helicopter service for the future.

He says a key point will come in early summer when Sainsbury’s will start their move onto the Long Rock site and Andrew is looking for some leeway in those dates.

Andrew also says he hopes quay development schemes here and in Penzance will forge ahead to the stage when funding can be put in place.

Headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby

Headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby says he wants to get more islanders to use the school facilities

Bryce says the school will be more accessible to locals and he wants it to act as a “living heart” of the community.

Bryce says he has some personal weight loss and fitness goals too but after all of the time and effort made to build the new school, he’s looking forward to getting back to being in the school full-time with the pupils.

Bryce says he has a political wish for 2012 too. He says the best thing that could happen for the Education and Health services would be for the Coalition government to fall.

Steamship Company Chairman, Andrew May

Steamship Company Chairman, Andrew May, told us “we should all be grateful, and proud, of the society displaying goodwill and prosperity which our forbears built on our Islands, using the qualities of self reliance, hard work and innovation.”

Andrew says these qualities are evident today in our Islands’ businesses, and he wishes for them in tourism, transport, fishing, farming and building.

Andrew says hopes this year that “they feel the sun on their faces as well as a fair wind at their backs, to assist them in continuing and evolving their forbears’ fine achievements.”