Co-Op Deny Forcing Staff To Work On Boxing Day

Co-Op's St Mary's store

The decision to open the St Mary’s Coop on Boxing Day this year was made by the Manchester HQ and not in Hugh Town, but the company says no local staff were forced to go into work.

The Coop has responded after islanders were asked to boycott the store on the 26th so there’d be no economic case for opening the day after Christmas next year.

Islander Shirley Page questioned whether this was “good service” but when a boycott was suggested to Liz Martland she couldn’t see the necessity for Boxing Day trading.

And around 70% of islanders agree according to voting on the Radio Scilly webpoll.

Coop spokeswoman Deborah Clarke says several St Mary’s store staff volunteered to work Boxing Day, and were compensated for doing so with double time payments and time off in lieu.

She added that, “As a community retailer we aim to meet the needs of our customers, which means opening the majority of our stores Boxing Day, including our store in St Mary’s.”

Garrison resident, Alan Davis has recently challenged the Coop HQ over its centralised policy and he wants the local store to have more say on its own stock and operating arrangements.