Church Leaders Give Christmas Messages

Canon Peter Walker

Scilly’s two Church leaders have spoken out against materialism in their Christmas Day addresses.

Speaking live on Radio Scilly on Christmas Day, Canon Peter Walker of St Mary’s Parish Church told listeners Christmas is important because it brings friends and family together.

Peter wants Islanders to think how lucky they are before Christmas dinner and to appreciate the importance of friends or relatives who are here today.

He says these are the moments to treasure because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Rev Charlie Gibbs, the Methodist Minister, said Scilly was one of the few places where Christmas wasn’t dominated by commercialism.

Rev Charlie Gibbs

His message to the congregation on Christmas morning would be one of “thanksgiving for the things that God gives that make people human.”

Charlie hopes that the majesty of the Christmas message will be understood, “the word made flesh”, and youngsters going to Church would understand that Christmas is “not just about shepherds and angels.”


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