Former Round Table Members Guide Santa Round St Mary’s

The St Mary’s branch of the Round Table may have folded but their former members will be back together tonight to guide Santa around the island.

The 90-minute sleigh ride will leave Porthmellon at around 6pm and people who rush outside on hearing the loud Christmas music or who see the illuminated trailer coming down their street could be rewarded with free sweets thrown into the crowd.

Joel WIlliams says former club members didn’t want the event to die off and admitted it didn’t take much arm-twisting to get everyone together.

They can’t do every street, because Santa’s sleigh is a bit to wide for some parts of the island, but Joel says some areas tend to draw the crowds, particularly outside the Mermaid and the Atlantic and also around Old Town.

And Joel says he hopes no one will be hit too hard by a toffee this year!