Abbey Gardens Seeks Volunteers For Annual Stocktake

Green-fingered islanders are being asked to help Tresco Estate carry out its floral stocktake.

The annual flower count has documented what is in the garden each New Year for around 60 years.

This year, it will be held on the 3rd January, instead of the 1st and 2nd, so it doesn’t clash with a shoot on the estate.

St Agnes and St Martin’s Gardening Clubs will be asked to assist but anyone with an interest in gardening is welcome to join Tresco Abbey Gardens’ curator, Mike Nelhams.

Mike says you couldn’t do this anywhere else in Britain because it’s the only place where flowers are still blooming so prolifically.

And there could be a bit of detective work involved. Mike says plants get brought in from botanic gardens like Kew and labels sometimes get lost or the wrong plants might be sent.

Mike says it’ll be a big job and likely to take all day. The gardens will be open from 11am but people are welcome to join anytime in the morning.