St Mary’s Ornithologist Publishes Book

A St Mary’s-based ornithologist and author has published a second book with added multimedia.

Bob Flood has been in Bermuda to study the rare Bermuda petrel.

He’s added a DVD of footage to his book, Seabirds of the North Atlantic, which he produced with Ashley Fisher.

The rare bird was thought to be extinct after the introduction of predators and loss of natural habit.

Numbers fell from around half a million in 1500 to around 30 in 1951.

But Bob says efforts to boost numbers through an artificial colony has seen a ten-fold increase and there are parallels with plans to help Manx shearwaters and storm petrels on Annet with rat eradication on nearby St Agnes.

He says it is amazing how nature can recover with just a small helping hand in the right way.

The book features DVDs with recordings that Bob has made of the birds. He had to learn how to film, edit and narrate as part of the process.

Bob says there will be a third book and accompanying DVD but he’s not sure about doing more because it’s such a time consuming task – the last book took two years.

But Bob confirmed this third book will showcase research on Manx shearwater here in Scilly.