MP Says Duchy Is Better For Tenants

Hugh House, the offices of the Duchy of Cornwall

Islanders are better off under the Duchy of Cornwall than they would be under a private sector landlord.

That’s the view of our islands’ MP, Andrew George.

There’s been a campaign by some islanders to ascertain whether the Duchy is a private or public body because of its crown connections.

The MP has confirmed that the Duchy has special status and is obliged to be consulted on some Government legislation but a recently held information tribunal has ruled that it is a public body.

Their status is important, as some islanders have wanted the right to buy the land that their leased properties are on and claim that this would be offered if their landlord were in the public sector.

Andrew is against this and feels it’s better for the community if the Duchy keeps control, describing their role as ‘paternalistic.’

He feels the Duchy is a socially responsible landlord and serves islanders better than if it were a private company and only interested in quick profits, although he recognises that might divide opinion here.

In the past there’s been vocal opposition to Duchy and its policies, but Andrew says local feelings about them change depending on who is in charge at Hugh House and at the moment he has had far fewer complaints than in the past.

He says communication with the Duchy is now “good and free and easy” and whenever he has a constituent issue raised, the organisation tries to get it resolved.