Fishermen Unhappy With Dolphin Detectors


Scilly’s commercial fishermen are unhappy that they were not consulted over plans to install scientific survey devices to monitor porpoises and dolphin movements in the islands’ waters.

There’s been an underwater detector off the Rundlelstone near Lands End for about 2 years but the system has been rolled out to the islands’ waters as part of a project run by the University of Exeter and Cornwall University.

Three units have been placed at the back of Bryher, near the Eastern Isles and the Western Rocks under a European Union funded scheme. But they’ve been placed without telling fishermen what they were.

There’s been confusion over what lies beneath the water as the collection arrays below can’t be seen from the surface.

The devices send out and record sonar-like signals but they are said to be silent to fish and don’t affect or deter schools of whiting, pollack or mullet.