TIC Say They Have Not Endorsed Magazine Articles Following Sales Calls

Hugh Town Tourist Information Centre staff say that they haven’t endorsed any publications except the islands’ holiday brochure.

They were contacted by three St Mary’s businesses yesterday after salesman selling advertising space said the TIC was backing a 4-page article in a publication that will be distributed at motorway service stations and pick up points upcountry.

Mark Prebble of St Mary’s Bike Hire and Oriel Hicks of Phoenix Studios both bought ad space in Insight Magazine because they thought the Hugh Town TIC was involved.

Sophie Hughes says they have contacted the magazine to ensure that the TIC is not misrepresented in any sales conversations or articles.

When we spoke with Insight Magazine, which is based in Leicester, they denied any heavy selling tactics or that they had implied the backing of the TIC.

Their editor says only she has the authority to cancel advertising payments, and if Islanders feel they have been mis-sold adverts you can contact her by email at sally@insight-magazine.co.uk.