Plan In Place To Deal With School Build Subsidence

The new school build project manager says a plan is in place for dealing with subsidence, which has led to the partial collapse of the amphitheatre.

Islanders have expressed surprise at the appearance of the retaining wall and unevenness of paving at the school entrance just three months after the school opened.

Phil Osmond of Mace says that the land there is ‘made up’ ground and the amount of fill at this position is quite substantial.

The wall is now being taken down and will be rebuilt with buttressing to mitigate the effects of slippage from adjacent ground.

Phil says the southern retaining wall, closest to the reception, has a more substantial footing and has not moved at all.

A structural engineer has advised that the existing footing should be used to avoid further ground disturbance.

The decking will be re-laid with more substantial support posts and concrete haunching.

Philip says the problems shouldn’t be repeated with the main building.

It is constructed on a steel frame with piles driven into the ground, and that means it isn’t susceptible to such movement.