MP Says Scilly Will Get Superfast Broadband By 2014

Andrew George, MP

Scilly’s MP says he expects Scilly to be the best-connected islands on the planet when superfast broadband arrives in 2014.

Andrew George says an undersea fibre optic link will connect us to the mainland but importantly the plan for the partially European-funded scheme is to lay new fibre optic cables direct to every subscribing home and businesses.

Normally, fibre optics terminate at the junction box in the street and there can be a loss in internet speed as old copper phone lines are used for the final few yards to the user.

Andrew says he’s not aware of any other island in the world that will have fibre optic to every property and he’s confident we’ll be one of the best-connected places in the UK.

However, Andrew says the final plan hasn’t been signed off yet but he says he’s optimistic it will be delivered – they just need to get the different parties to finalise the paperwork.

He says its not all BT’s responsibility. They are part of a larger team working on the Superfast Cornwall project.

BT isn’t giving as much information as the MP. Their press officer, Jason Mann told us that the unique geography of the islands makes the planning uniquely challenging and, until detailed planning work is complete, it is premature to confirm details of the exact solution.

Julie Girling, one of Scilly's MEPs

Conservative MEP for the Southwest, Julie Girling, says she’s been pressing BT to make their plans clearer after their publicity made no mention of how they would deliver faster broadband to Scilly.

She says, as the programme is jointly funded by European rural development money, she’s taken a keen interest and wants faster internet speeds delivered to the Islands as soon as possible.

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