‘Scilly Automatic’ Dropped From Shipping Forecast

The disappearance of the ‘Scilly Automatic’ area from the BBC shipping forecast has been concerning islanders.

The name, given to the data readings from the airport weather station, has inspired radio sketches and songs, and Scilly automatic even has a Facebook fan page.

But several listeners contacted us last week to say that the area had been dropped from the forecast and also reported that the hourly feeds from the St Mary’s Airport observation station had disappeared.

Sarah Holland from the Met Office told us the ‘Scilly Automatic’ area has been replaced by ‘Seven Stones Light Vessel’, which, they say, provides better data for the maritime industry.

However, the Met Office couldn’t explain the loss of data feeds from the St Mary’s observation station and they confirmed they will be checking the feeds and sending someone to investigate the fault.

St Agnes boatman, John Peacock, says the feed from Scilly disappeared after the thunder and lightning last Wednesday evening and he thinks something may have been damaged in the storm.