Scilly Could Join French In Cross Border Grant Scheme

St Mary's Quay

Scilly could improve facilities for visiting French yachtsmen by joining a European cross-border grant scheme.

Mike Hicks told Councillors that many sailors visit here each year and their experience could be enhanced.

Better signs, information or moorings could be part-funded through a programme called Interreg, which was set up to develop cultural and economic links between different areas of Europe.

One of their schemes, called the Atlantic Arc, encourages partnerships between Brittany and Scilly and Cornwall.

Mike says they have huge sums of money but the ‘catch 22’ is they will only pay for half of a project.

Senior Councillors and officers at the Town Hall met with representatives last Monday, following initial discussions with Marian Bennett and Philip Hygate in a conference in Southampton in October.

Philip told Councillors they are keen for the islands to take part although West Cornwall hasn’t worked with them yet.