Council Approve New RE Syllabus For School

The Five Islands School

The Council’s Head of Children’s Services has been explaining why the choice of the school’s religious education syllabus is “dear to her heart.”

Penny Penn Howard says the classes are of value because they provide youngsters with an overview of beliefs and religion, so they can make informed decisions when they go to the mainland to continue their education.

Penny says the Council’s recent meeting with counterterrorism experts made it clear there are people in this region with very strong beliefs.

She said children on the islands are “launched off into the big wide world” at 16 and could come into contact with such groups in Truro.

Penny says it’s important children are given the background to understand what they are being told and not ”be taken off course.”

As we reported recently, the Council’s religious education advisory group, SACRE, has chosen an RE syllabus from North Somerset Council, our local education authority’s partner, for the school.

Many strong views were expressed in reaching a decision and members heard it had been a very long journey and wasn’t easy.