Improved Results For Primary Pupils

The Five Islands School

Pupils in the last year of primary classes at the Five Islands School have improved their results.

The latest primary school league tables, comparing test performance in English and Maths, show that 81% of year six pupils gained level 4 in English and Maths.

That’s the expected grading for 11 year olds and it’s up from 76% last year.

90% of pupils reached level 4 English, the same as a year ago, with 90% achieving that level in maths, a 9% increase since 2010.

This time 10% of students achieved level 5 in English and Maths, the level expected of a 14 year old.

Statistics also measure the proportion of children making the recommended improvements between the ages of 7 and 11. Pupils are supposed to reach level 2 at 7 and reach level 4 by 11.

81% of Scilly’s pupils made this grade.

Headteacher, Bryce Wilby said last year’s pupils recorded a great set of results, all above the national averages.

The biggest increase was in the writing part of their SAT’s papers.

Bryce says this is a reflection on the commitment and hard work of the pupils, parents and all the staff.

However, Bryce doesn’t believe that the SAT’s testing system benefits pupils.

He thinks it narrows the curriculum, encourages teaching to the test and does not give a real indication of how much learning individual pupils achieve in many areas.