Government Announces Plan To Help Troubled Families

The Town Hall

The Prime Minister’s plans to radically transform the lives of the country’s most troubled families are being discussed by Council staff and officers in a Children’s Services meeting this morning.

Yesterday, David Cameron claimed that an equivalent to £75,000 was being spent on each of these families.

And Government figures state there are five of them in Scilly.

The Coalition intends to pay the Town Hall 40% of the cost of a troubleshooter to help troubled families.  Their Targets would include getting absent children back into school, reducing their anti-social behaviour and getting parents on the road back to work.

David Pearson, who heads up the Council committee that deals with Children was a social worker.

He says he’s surprised that Whitehall has come up with a number for the families in this category in Scilly because the Town Hall doesn’t keep such data. He said they had no prior knowledge of the plan and “it came out of the blue.”

David is uncertain how this policy would be delivered and says it would be “very difficult” in a community where “everybody knows everybody.”

The Government press office said the Isles of Scilly figures were an estimate, but more than an educated guess, as complicated criteria have been applied to data collected under the previous Government.

They’ll be in touch with the Council to verify those numbers soon.