Councillor Opposes Plans For New Pay Review Panel

Councillor Fred Ticehurst

The issues surrounding Council chief officers’ pay is set to be discussed again.

In October it was suggested that a panel of three Councillors, who don’t sit on the Policy and Resources financial committee, would be joined by a human resources expert to decide what level of pay is appropriate.

But there was confusion at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday over whether that panel had actually been approved by Councillors.

Councillor Richard McCarthy felt members had accepted that plan and they just had to set the so-called ‘terms of reference’ or ground rules for the group.

But Councillor Fred Ticehurst didn’t think the panel itself had been approved.

Fred said that a separate pay review group would be a waste of money at a time when the Council was being asked to control costs and a separate group would not be as democratic as the Council’s P and R committee.

He also felt that the Council was rushing to set up a new committee that could lead to “dissention, dissatisfaction and a lack of morale.”

He added they might regret that later.

The timeline on setting a policy is now out of the Council’s hand. The Government is forcing all Councils to publish pay policy under the new Localism Bill.

Our Town Hall will need to say how much senior council staff receive, listing bonuses and rises since their recruitment.

And it’ll need to be in place by the end of March, almost two years since the original chief officers pay and Scilly weighting debate exploded.

Vice Chair of Council Marian Bennett suggested a special meeting of the P and R committee early in the New Year to get it sorted in time.


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