Real Horsepower Could Be Used For Logging

Traditional shire horse logging on the mainland

Logging use real horsepower could make a return to St Mary’s.

Local man Andy Finch, has approached the Duchy of Cornwall to offer the services of Issy, his shire horse, for clearance in the woods.

Similar schemes have worked on the mainland and Prince Charles is said to be a fan of using animals. They are said to be least disruptive to the forest floor.

These days, quad bikes are often used for this kind of work, but animals can squeeze into tighter spaces.

Will Garratt of the Duchy says horses work best in dense woodland where tractors can’t easily operate. He says if, for instance, a big tree had to be taken out of Trenoweth, a horse could be used more easily.

He’s put together a tree management plan, as some area of pines, planted in the 80s on the Garrison, may need maintaining over the next few years.

Andy is away learning the specifics of logging in the midlands this week and Issy is likely to be in action some time next year.