Penzance Options Don’t Include Out-Of-Town Freight

Penzance Harbour

There won’t be an out-of-town freight handling facility included in the final options for redeveloping Penzance’s Quay.

The town’s Harbour Scheme Management Board chose three schemes that the public will decide on from a list of fourteen.

There had been calls for putting freight in containers before transportation to Penzance Quay, to reduce road traffic in the town.

Our Council remained opposed throughout the original Route Partnership process because the additional cost would be added to island freight bills. The annual surcharge was estimated by shipping company Red Funnel to be £300,000 annually.

Group member Dick Cliffe told us that the board were mindful of adding to islanders’ costs and wanted to avoid that.

The final plans involved an option centred on Albert Quay, although there are concerns this may not stand up to costing assessment as dredging may be needed. Our Council’s Representative, Diana Mompoloki, explained that the European funding can’t be used for that.

There’s also a deep sewage pipe below the seawall that would make rock blasting tricky.

The deepest possible channel will offer more scope for the Steamship Company in buying a second-hand boat.

At St Mary’s there are plans to extend the harbour out 15m to guarantee a 2.4m draught for the vessel.

Other final options are centred on freight being handled at the current North Pier base. One plan would have the boat inside the harbour, another has it on the seaward side.

And there’s another option for keeping the current Scillonian III passenger berth at South Pier.

Around 200 locals have commented on the plans so far and the options will be out for consultation soon.