Island Man Writes Comedy Set In Island Council

Gordon Bilsborough

A former St Mary’s Councillor is hoping that his novel set within a Council in an island community could develop into a TV sitcom.

It’s always been Gordon Bilsborough’s goal to write a comedy along the lines of ‘Yes Minister’.

Some years ago, the Rams Valley resident published a short book lampooning local authority life and he sold 82 copies in the papershop. He’s also been writing in the Scillonian Magazine.

Now Gordon has uploaded a new text, ‘Yes Councillor’ to Amazon’s online bookstore.

Gordon has previously sent his scripts to TV companies and one “almost made it.” He says he’s going to edit them and do it again.

Some of the roles of the Council officers in his book, set in ‘The Isles of Sanity’ reflect job titles here. And there are similar issues taking place, including a faulty incinerator, although in his story it explodes.

Gordon says his best ideas are always based on real life. He just “spices them up” a bit.

But luckily some of the storylines, like the one about the incinerator disaster, are just a work of fiction.

Gordon says some real-life Councillors in Scilly have recognised the characters are based on themselves.

He says Councillor Fred Ticehurst knows the character Councillor Luddite is based on him and is “quite pleased about it.”