Harbourmaster Training To Be Ship’s Pilot

St Mary's Harbourmaster, Dale Clark

The St Mary’s harbourmaster is training to become a ship’s pilot.

Dale Clark was approached by Jeremy Phillips and Steve Hicks who currently undertake the role.

Dale feels it’s important that somebody is available as a reserve, particularly with the increasing importance of cruise ship visits.

He’s been asking around to see if there is a local who would like to do it and some names have been put forward but many of those are just beginning their careers at sea so are likely to be away for long periods.

Dale says it’ll take him a bit longer to get up to standard adding people who’ve grown up here have an advantage because they know the waters around Scilly.

Attendees at last night’s Harbour Users meeting heard that forty vessels are expected to visit the islands next season and Dave Badcock, who liaises with the cruise lines, says that there is potential for future growth.