Council Celebrates Challenging Year

Council Chambers at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

It’s been an interesting year for the Council and there’ll be challenges for Scilly and the Authority next year.

That’s the message Council Chairman Mike Hicks shared with attendees at the lunchtime Council Cocktail party yesterday.

Mike said the community open day in the summer, where islanders could meet with officers and members and discuss issues, worked well and will be a regular event.

Mike intends to use the room adjacent to the Old Wesleyan Chapel Council Chamber as an office for regular meetings on Wednesdays.

Mike also marked the retirement of John Hutchings from the airport.

Mike joined the authority on April Fool’s Day in 1982 and left last month. John praised the team as “the best crew ever” and said working there was a pleasure.

He was presented with a photograph of his meeting with the Queen at the airport in the summer, which also pictures his former colleagues.

He intends putting it in the living room.

John was also presented with a poem from Assistant Airport Manager Howard Cole because John used to write verse every Christmas.

Mike Hicks suggested that John should stand for Council now he is eligible, as he has left their employment. John says he would like to do it and would consider it, but he believes he needs to wait a year after leaving.