MP Calls For Better Skin Cancer Care

Scilly MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP has called for the NHS to address the wide variations in the standards of care skin cancer patients receive.

Andrew George has met Skin Cancer UK, whose report states that five people are dying from malignant melanoma, the rarest and most serious form of skin cancer each day.

Their figures claim that 20% of melanoma patients at some hospital trusts had to wait more than a month to attend an appointment.

Although 80% of melanomas are found at an early stage when the chance of cure is very high, advanced melanoma survival is poor with only 7-19% of patients surviving for more than five years.

Andrew George says the NHS faces a significant challenge with melanoma, the incidence of which is expected to grow by 52% over the next 20.

He says capacity issues need to be addressed to ensure all patients have access to a clinical nurse specialist.