Western Power Attempting To Locate St Mary’s Problem

Western Power engineers have installed equipment to hopefully locate the source of the recurring problem that’s blacked out around 40 customers on St Mary’s.

Supplies went off on Friday morning, yesterday morning and again this morning in the Longstone, Rocky Hill and Trewince areas.

Richie Christopher says the transformer at Rocky Hill is cutting out and they’re going to put a larger fuse in for the meantime. His team has walked under the lines with binoculars and they can’t see anything unusual. All of the power lines are in the air so problems are easier to spot.

The extra load could be caused by a new electrical installation in a home in the area, such as a power shower. In the past, home welding equipment has caused similar problems.

Ritchie says that when the smart grid technology, which monitors demand and regulates flow of electricity around the island, is installed pinpointing problems like this will take a matter of minutes.