Portakabins To Be Installed At Porthcressa

The sealawns and grassy bank at Porthcressa will be covered with temporary buildings for much of next year’s holiday season.

Plans for the installation of Portakabin units, to be used by workers and staff on the Porthcressa regeneration project, have been submitted to the Town Hall.

Six metal-grey units will be sited in an area adjacent to the Porthcressa Inn. They’ll contain offices, toilets, a drying room and a canteen.

Kier Western have also asked for four separate storage sites between the main beach steps and the bottom of Buzza Hill.

Overground temporary pipes will connect the buildings to the main sewers.

The applicants say the site will be restored to its current condition after the 42-week project is completed.

45 workers will be engaged at the height of the build to create new workspaces on the current library site, a new library and registry office in the bulb store building and revamp the Schiller shelter.

Councillors discussed moving the advertising signboards on Porthcressa Bank but decided it was unnecessary as the majority of the building work will be at the Buzza Hill end.