Biobubble Sewage System To Be Installed In Old Town

Trench Lane in Old Town, St Mary's

Sewage treatment facilities in Old Town are set to be upgraded to cope with extra waste from the new school.

Components for the state-of-the-art “biobubble” have started to arrive ready for construction, which is due to, begin in January.

The new tank will be installed in a visible position next to the existing treatment facility between Water Meadow and Trench Lane.

The current facility does not have sufficient capacity to cope with the demand from the new school and waste from there has been flowing untreated into the existing sewage system.

The biobubble is an eco-friendly water treatment system that uses microbes and aeration instead of chemicals to treat water and uses up to 90% less energy than traditional methods.

It will now allow waste to be treated and clean water discharged at Morning Point.

Several planning applications have been turned down in recent years due to lack of sewage treatment capacity.