LAG Keen To Fund Waste Projects

The Local Action Group, the body of 26 locals that is awarding over £2m of funding to islands’ business and community projects, wants to fund more sustainability schemes.

Amanda Pender says they’ve had a review of what they have achieved two years into the four-year initiative and the committee is keen to leave the islands with a “legacy of achievement.”

£78,000 has been set aside for waste reduction and recycling projects under Scilly Waste funding.

Members are disappointed that some initial interest hasn’t developed further and they want anyone with an idea to talk to Amanda.

One member also wants some of the cash pot to go towards projects that will encourage movement of visitors between the islands, although that doesn’t mean the LAG would support schemes that would compete with an existing boat service or transport operation.

Amanda says it could just mean encouraging people to sit down and talk about events and projects to make sure they are delivered at a time when it is easiest for off-islanders to take part or attend.


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