Old Town Resident Dealing With Some Prickly Patients

While islanders may have milk or parcels left on the doorstep, an Old Town resident is used to having hedgehogs left at her place.

For over a year, Ro Bennett has been nursing sick and disorientated hedgehogs back to health.

Ro has taken in nearly thirty animals this year, at her home at Hanover Court.

Ro says the hedgehogs here can be susceptible to illness, probably due to in breeding because they are descended from the same stock.

She used to keep the hedgehogs in her bathroom, which made having a shower tricky, but now has a couple of cages to keep them in.

Ro says sadly, not all animals brought to her pull through and she recently lost an animal that was brought to her after being found during the day on the beach.

She says if you see a hedgehog during the day, it’s not a good sign as they are nocturnal animals.

On the mainland they would normally hibernate but our islands’ mild weather means they are just dozing-off sporadically for a few days at a time.