Old School Site To Be Boarded Up at Rear

The Council intend to board up the old school site at Carn Thomas to keep it secure and avoid vandalism.

However, they say any boarding will be at the rear of the property and people viewing the site from the front “will notice no significant difference in appearance.”

The building has effectively been empty since September when the Five Islands School transferred to it’s new home at Carn Gwaval.

However, the building has been used as for some sports clubs, such as judo and Porthcressa Development contractors, Kier, will shortly be renovating some rooms as a temporary home for the library and Registry Office.

There are plans to use the site eventually for Elder Care housing although no funding has yet been secured for this.

In the meantime, the Council will need to maintain the site.

There was a report of criminal damage there in October, when a glass door by the sports hall was kicked in as well as signs that there had been a group gathering and drinking on the premises.