Police To Organise Moped Training Course

St Mary’s police are hoping there will be interest in a training course for islanders who want a licence to ride a moped or small scooter.

On the mainland, the compulsory basic training has to be completed before you can ride unaccompanied, using L–plates.

That doesn’t apply for bikes up to 125cc here because, like MOTs, there is no testing facility on the islands. But that means islanders, and often students who have small motorcycles, take them for transport on the mainland.

The Police team is hoping to arrange a daylong training session in association with Lifelong Learning for up to 10 residents in January.

PC Mark Blyth says it makes sense for anybody who wants to ride a machine faster than a pushbike to get the training.

PCSO Shirley Graham said there was a lot of interest and requests for training from Islanders last year because it will lower insurance premiums.

You should contact the police station if you are interested.


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