Council Agrees Moorwell Path Improvements

New QE2 sports hall under construction

Councillors have agreed to put £20,000 towards improving the path to the new school and sports hall from Moorwell.

The sum will come from the Community Safety Partnership.

It’s over 18 months since plans to light the route were first mooted and the school build project managers, Mace, have asked the Council for a contribution towards low level lighting and better surfacing for the path.

Councillor Fred Ticehurst said he was pleased improvements were planned as he had spoken two years ago of his fears that a child could be snatched on the path through Doily Woods.

£12,500 is also being spent on the nearby skate park as part of the health and wellbeing strategy of the Community Safety Partnership.

It’s 5 years old and in need of maintenance because of weathering.

Members heard this offers a chance to “breathe a bit of new life” into it and the remodelled site would allow BMX bike-jumps.

Many mainland skate parks have followed the trend and become dual use. This will ensure the kids don’t get bored with it and that the facility remains safe.