St Martin’s Flower Business To Pack Millionth Box

Ben and Zoe Julian

A St Martin’s flower farm will pack it’s 1 millionth box of flowers sometime between now and Christmas.

In the last 19 years, Churchtown Farm has grown to employ 30 people during peak periods and is now the largest provider of flowers in the South West.

Zoe Julian says Christmas is “by far and away” their busiest time of the year and there are six members of staff dealing with phone enquiries and orders daily.

Their postal order service, Scent from the Islands, began in 1992 and the Julians reckon that if they laid their boxes end-to-end they’d stretch from St Martin’s to St Pauls in London.

One of the unusual patterns to emerge is the amount of business they have from other islands, particularly in Scotland.

Zoe says they have a number of customers on Eigg, whose population is around the same size as St Martin’s.

Year–on-year there has been some slight growth in the business and Zoe says they’re relieved and pleased to be ‘holding their own’.

She admits that she had expected gloomy conditions, because of the national economy, at the start of 2011.