Increase In Take Up Of Tourism Brochures This Year

There’s been a rise in the number of Isles of Scilly guides picked up this year and that’s proof that the paper brochure isn’t dead, according to Scilly’s Tourism Lead.

Julian Pearce says there were 13,000 copies left over last year after the 50,000 print run.

This year the same number has been produced with 5,000 more copies taken.

Julian said it was right for the brochure committee to reject calls to reduce the number printed.

They had discussed trimming the print run to 45,000.

Julian also says that the number of cruise ships visiting was approximately the same as last year, but the tourism team has been more proactive, with volunteers like Barry Nuttall meeting passengers ashore and Sophie Hughes taking brochures onboard.

Some islanders who travel upcountry, including Stephen Morris who is exhibiting his art in Birmingham and Michelle Mapplethorpe who’s been selling fudge around the Midlands, have also taken copies of the guide to distribute.

The number of brochure downloads from the Council website this year now stands at over 32,000 and unique visitors to have reached the quarter million mark.

Last year 225,000 people viewed the site.